Feyorra (Fey) how to get?

If you want to get free Feyorra FEY, you need to go to the page - Feyorra.

Faucet 1 (one):

1. To get the Feyorra address first you need to register in Coinbase.com. When you are have your account in Coinbase you need to go to "Send or Receive" page, next click to Receive and choose Ethereum. This Ethereum address will contain your Feyorra coin address and you need to copy it.

2. Now, go to micro wallet Faucet pay dot io to create a linked address. Go to page Linked address and enter your Coinbase Ethereum address there, put the name Ethereum, choice Ethereum and click to linked address. This is your Ethereum and Feryorra address in your Faucet Pay wallet.

3. To get free coins you need to copy this crypto address and go to Faucet-cryptocoins.com where it says Free Feyorra FEY you can click to Start. In a new tab you need to enter your Ethereum (ETH) address and click to Log in. Next click to Continue. Now you need the Solve captcha and click the anti bot links in the following order.

4. After that you get up to 0,5 Feyorra Fey coins to your Faucet Pay wallet. You can comeback to that page to start and get free coins every 5 minutes.

Faucet 2 (Two):