Solana (SOL) how to get?

If you want to get free Solana (SOL), you need to go to the page - SOLANA.

1. To start to get coins you need to copy the crypto address from your Faucetpay.io micro wallet. Go to your account in Faucet Pay. You need to go to the Deposit page and then copy your SOLANA(SOL) address.

2. Now you can comeback to Faucet-cryptocoins.com where it says free Solana (SOL) you can click Start. In the new tab, you need to enter your Solana (SOL) address and click to - Im not robot. Next you need to Solve captcha and click the anti Bot links in the following order.

3. After that you get up to 354 satoshi (SOL) free to your Faucet Pay wallet. You can comeback to that page for start and get free coins every five minutes.