Registration in Faucetpay.io

Faucetpay.io it is a micro wallet provider where you will receive cryptopayments from the Faucet crypto coins system to your cryptocurrency wallet.

1. You must register this wallet with your real email address, this is very important for you must have real email address which must be connected with your phone number in your email system. Because in Faucetpay they have a 2 factor verify and after you login in to that system, security of the wallet will send to you in email a special code to enter in to your wallet. If you lose your password you must contact the support of Faucetpay.io wallet.

2. Why don’t I see my address for Ethereum?

Depositing Ethereum at FaucetPay is usualy only possible with the help of MetaMask. But you can get it with your account in Coinbase.com and you do not have to use metamask.

You can wacth the video: How to get the Ethereum address for Faucetpay, and link it with Coinbase.com wallet.

3. Bitcoin Cash address in Faucetpay to claim coins.

Watch the video: How to get Bitcoin Cash address for Faucetpay, link it with Coinbase.com wallet.