Binance coin (BNB) free to FaucetPay wallet

To start getting Binance coin free you need to copy the crypto address (BNB) from wallet.

150-220 satoshi (BNB) every 1 mins (only 5 time per day!)

10 up to 50 satoshi (BNB) every 0 mins

100 up to 200 satoshi (BNB) every 4 mins

30 up to 200 satoshi (BNB) every 3 mins

20 up to 500 satoshi (BNB) every 10 mins

50 up to 100 satoshi (BNB) every 10 mins  

20 up to 60 satoshi (BNB) every 10 mins

Claim Binance BnB "SHORT LINKS" faucets

Claim SHORT LINKS faucets Binance (BNB) and earn 300 - 500 satoshi (BNB) every 30 mins.

300 up to 360 satoshi (BNB) every 30 mins

Best Binance (BNB) faucets with registration

Manual and Auto Faucets with free satoshi Binance (BNB), enjoy wheel of Fortune, Short links, earn with Paid to click and win in lottery!

Auto faucet Binance (BNB) and more coins every 1-10 mins   

100-10.000 satoshi (BNB) get free rolls every 60 mins 

Faucet 50-100 satoshi (BNB) every 3 mins  

Faucet 25-100 satoshi (BNB) every 5 mins  


To start getting Binance coin free you need to copy your crypto address (BNB) from your micro wallet. And after that you can come back to this system to START.